Theme And Topics

Water Trends in India

• Surface and Ground Water resources, • Management, Governance and Smart Solutions, • Water shortages and Stresses, Water resource Management, Water use efficiency, • Water balance estimation and assessments, Water Conservation Social and economic effect of water shortages,

Water Policies and Planning

• Water Efficiency Including Water Footprint and Virtual Water Calculations • Changing Patterns of Water Consumption and Use

Sustainability and Water

• Water Quality Assessment, Restoration and Sustainable Use • Unsustainable Patterns of Water Consumption and Use • Water Demand and Consumption, Recycling and Reuse • Industrial Water and Wastewater Treatment • Domestic and Potable Water Treatment • Agricultural Wastewater Treatment

Water for Community:

• Ground Water Recharge, Groundwater Contamination and Protection Development of management options to mitigate effects on water quality in drinking-water protection areas, • Rip riparian Community, • Management and policy to minimize effects of agriculture and land use changes on the quality of groundwater and surface waters. • Health Risk Management and Water Quality and Human Health– Challenges and Solutions. • Role of Wetlands, Constructed Wetlands and Waste Water Management, • Water Harvesting, Rejuvenation and Global Best Practices, • Policy and Practice for Sustainable Development;

Fisheries and Aquatic Ecosystems

• Aquatic resources and environmental management, economics, • Aquaculture, human nutrition and health, Environmental impacts of aquaculture and/or fisheries, • Fisheries, aquaculture and climate change, • Fisheries management, policy, and governance • Ecology of Water Resources; Degradation of Aquatic Ecosystems; • Freshwater Ecology; Aquaculture and Environmental Impacts; Aquatic Ecosystems Maintenance and Preservation; • Biotechnology and genetics, Aquatic health management and diseases,

Water and Disasters

• Rivers and Water Bodies, floods, forecasting, Hydrology, Soil and water Erosion and Conservation • Climate Change Impacts on Hydrology and Water Resources; • Planning and Management of Water Resources and Water; • Erosion and Sediment Transport

Environment and Biodiversity

• Biodiversity and Ecosystem; Genetic Biodiversity in Aquaculture • Treatment Wetlands; Ecosystem Restoration; Forest ecology & biodiversity

Agriculture and Crop Production for Food Security

• Technologies for rapid crop improvement; • Agriculture Systems; Plant Pathology and Agriculture; • Plant genome sciences; Genomics technologies for tropical agriculture; • Agriculture Biotechnology, Bio-information system; • Health effects of pesticides; Bio-fertilizers • Global warming & agriculture; Climate change impacts on agriculture; • Food security and climate change; Impacts on nutrition, quality and resource use efficiency;

Emerging Trends & Technologies in Sustainable Agricultural Practices and Crop Science

• Crop Modelling, Management and Cultural Practices • Soilless and Hydroponic Culture and Bio- Systems • Agricultural Biodiversity and Biological Natural Resources • Climate Change Impacts, Adaptation and Mitigation in Food Security • Agro-climate and climate management systems Soil fertility and plant nutrition, Plant protection and crops Integrated pest management and plant hygiene under protected cultivation Crop production systems Practice-oriented and technical measures to limit leaching of nutrients and agrochemicals • Biotechnology for improving agriculture Production, Nano Technology applications in agriculture • Horticultural Crops, Organic Greenhouse Horticulture, Agrobiology and Bio-resources • Agroforestry and Land Scape

Health Epidemics and Sustainable Life

• Effect of epidemic and climate change on farmers and labourers • Healthy life and natural systems


• Energy efficient solutions for sustainable life, Renewable energy resources, Low Carbon Energy sources. Energy saving, Energy efficiency

Communication and Technology

• Application of Computer based communication technology and their framework for sustainable life • Web Intelligence Intelligent Software Intelligent Systems, Machine Intelligence Computer Vision Pattern recognition • Computational Intelligence Intelligent Search and Optimization Techniques Mobile Computing and Intelligence Virtual Environments Human-Machine Interaction • Smart Resource Scheduling and Allocation Algorithms for Reduced power and energy utilization Real • Sustainable Technologies and Human Factors Green Decision Making and Development Next-generation Sustainability Solutions Sustainability for Industries Sustainable Systems and Smart Cities Security, • IoT and Big Data based Sustainable Computing Architectures Data Intelligence