River Summit Main issues

Integrated water Resource Management: Food Security: Sustainable Development
Agriculture : Climate: Communication and Awareness
Technology in Development: Resource Mobilization


To aware stakeholders, Institutions and organization about the sustainable development goals.
To discuss various issues related to sustainable development.
To prepare a Policy framework to meet out the targets for sustainable development goals,

Main Themes

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Rivers as a source of Inspiration and Life

Theme 2    

Valuing Rivers and Water

Theme 3    

Threats to Water resources and Food Security

Theme 4    

Ecosystem rejuvenation

Theme 5    

Feel the vibration for sustainable life

Theme 6    

Science, Technology, ICT and innovation as support system for Action

Theme 7    

Policy issues, Governance and resource mobilization

Fields of Expertise

Agricultural Engineering : Agriculture : Ecosystems : Integrated Water Resource Management : Climate Change :
Soil Science : Crop Production : Forestry : Plant Cell and Tissue Culture : Irrigation and Drainage : Environmental
Engineering : Soil and water conservation : Chemical Engineering : Civil Engineering : : Environmental Engineering :
Food Engineering : Geotechnical EngineeringGenetic Engineering : Geological Sciences : Horticulture &Fruit
Production : Genetics and Plant Breeding : Biotechnology : Bioprocess Engineering : Bacteriology : Biological
Sciences : Nanotechnology Chemistry : Toxicology : Fisheries and Aquaculture
Information Technology : Computer Engineering : Electronics & Communication
Management : Extension : Economics : Other areas related to water

Who can participate?

All the stakeholders throughout the world including Scientists, Academicians, Government officials, Private
Companies, NGO”≥ and students


Presentations and Case Studies
Panel Discussions
Interactions with Farmers, Students, Academicians & Scientists
Field visits


Young Water Professional
Globle water Professional
Global Water Ambassador
Global Partner in Water Initiative

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